Museum-planetarium "Space Kharkiv". The Kharkіv planetarium

Museum-planetarium "Space Kharkiv" (The Kharkіv planetarium) is the special astronomical centre combining in itself advantages of theatre and an auditorium. Stars, planets, galaxies, comets and the Sun are actors at this unusual theatre.

Device "Planetarium" established in the Star hall allows to see a fascinating picture of the star sky.

It is possible to see stars both of northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth on a dome of a star hall.

Special projectors create effects of rising or a sunset, polar light, a meteoric shower, a panorama of Kharkov or the lunar landscape covered with craters.

Modern digital videoprojector shows scientific films and beautiful photos of objects of Space.
In planetarium there is an observatory, where you can find a telescope, which allows to observe stains on the Sun, the moon, planets, bright comets other heavenly bodies and the phenomena operates.

Popular scientific lectures (programs) of the Planetarium are devoted to different objects of the Universe and oriented on spectators of all age groups.

Variety of thematic lectures is developed with the aid to the school program - after all lessons under the star sky are more evident and natural, even unforgettable for schoolchildren!

Besides that, lectures on biology, geography, physics, etc are given. It is possible to order lectures for groups.

The planetarium is property of all inhabitants of Kharkov! After all not in every city there is a planetarium.

We invite to cooperation the public and educational organizations, the advertising companies, Internet sites and portals, editions of newspapers and magazines, research institutes! We are glad that you have visited our site! We wish you success and all the best!

The Kharkіv planetarium always was and remains as one of the most unusual and interesting places for inhabitants and city visitors of Kharkov.

Opened in 1957 at the initiative of outstanding Soviet astronomer Nikolay Pavlovich Barabashov, "the space" establishment has not lost its urgency even today.

Space researches expand to new and new stages, new most interesting and surprising discoveries are made.

And the planetarium is that place where people can learn the newest and interesting facts about Universe, where many sciences, creativity and art are crossed.

A planetarium is the space educational centre, which reveal love to Stars, Space, world around. Everyone can open the Universe for oneself here.

From the first-grader who is learning familiar constellations on a dome of a star hall, to the adult programmer, the businessman or the surgeon - all of us will find a lot of interesting and new, impressing and surprising in a planetarium!

The planetarium has entered into a new century with introduction of digital technologies.
Cooperation with NASA, the World Association of Planetaria, planetaria of Ukraine, the Kharkov scientific research institute of astronomy, the project "Astrohorizon" and Club of fans of astronomy in Kharkіv allows a planetarium to give to spectators the newest and a trustworthy up-to-date information, and modern photo- and video materials set lectures on new level.

Today the hall is equipped with a digital quadro-stereo sound. The modern digital video-projector allows to show on the big screen a photo- and video data to lectures and presentations.

In planetarium it is spent about hundred various lectures. The basic direction of lectures is, certainly, propagation of natural sciences. But besides it, the emphasis is placed on education of space outlook of the person.

Each of us should understand that we are essential part of space and are obliged to keep our home – the Earth with its magic nature.

Therefore in planetarium there are lectures both on ecology, and on moral education, and on art.

A lot of the lectures are devoted to space motives in music, a lot of programs use classical music.

Certainly, it is possible to go to a philharmonic society, but to listen to one of Bach Brandenburg concerts, Beethoven's 9th symphony, Mozart's symphony "Jupiter" under the star sky are unique sensations which force to dream, to be improved and to aspire to the best.

To provide constant updating of programs lecturers do enormous work, supplementing the lectures with new data, latest discoveries and achievements of science and technology, are engaged in search of a photo and video data.

New lectures are being prepared, after all today with development of digital technologies, it becomes easier to search and synthesize necessary information, news. New colourful digital photos supersede slides.

Also concerts of musicians, composers, bards, meetings of climbers, veterans of the cosmodrome Baikonur and simply creative people, who are not indifferent to Universal beauty of the world are regularly held in planetarium.

The Kharkov planetarium of J.A.Gagarin is the participant of many International conferences on astronomical formation, astronautics, physics, philosophy.

The planetarium together with fund "UkrAstro" and Astronomy scientific research institute hold annually the International Astronomical Forums, which are widely covered in mass media.

For the purpose of expansion of interest to astronomy supervision of the Moon, planets, star congestions, nebulas to a telescope are regularly made. On the city open areas these events are held on the International Day of Astronomy and during Fantasy Festival.

In the evening on April, 12th, 2008 the planetarium together with astronomical club “Asterion” and shop "Telescope", within the limits of the project "The International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (ISAN)" had organized and carried out action of demonstrational supervision in a telescope for all comers.

More than two thousand inhabitants of Kharkov could look during that evening at the Moon and a planet Saturn. More in detail.

The Kharkov planetarium regularly conducts lectures with use of a multimedia projector for a photo- and video-demonstrations in Higher educational institutions, technical schools, high schools of our city.

In April, 2008 employees of the Kharkov planetarium have conducted lecture in the Holodnogorsky prison. The prisoners have listened to about achievements in astronomy and astronautics. More in detail. A video-plot.

в зоряній залів звёздном залеThe special attention, certainly, is given to children. At a planetarium there are the astronomical circle, children's space lyceum, student's musical club and drama school.
Children from an astronomical circle participate in UkrAstroForums, prepare scientific works in Small Academy of sciences (SAS) on section "Astronomy", happen to be frequent visitors on the Kharkov television channels.

Competitive exhibitions of children's drawing are held regularly.

Every new year representations with participation of Father Frost, the Snow Maiden and other fantastic heroes prepare in planetarium. The plot traditionally consists of the dramatized representation and the informative astronomical program for children. There is a unique possibility for inhabitants of Kharkov and city visitors to present to children unforgettable impressions.

The festival of creativity of youth "Space and culture" which is held with the help of the "Future of MIVINA" became annual and traditional.

Competitions of children's drawings, presentations of films of young directors with rewarding of winners are held.

The planetarium is the participant of the Marathon under the name «Aspire to fine…» during which throughout the educational period schoolchildren compete in the best compositions, drawings.

Астрогурток на ТБАстрокружок на ТВChildren are our future. They can quite become academicians, pioneers of comets or planets at other stars!

For all history of work of an astronomical circle in Planetarium some graduates have graduated from the chair of astronomy of the Kharkov university, many of them became professional astronomers, lecturers of a planetarium.

And today practically on all courses of chair of astronomy of physical faculty of the Kharkov national university of V.N.Karazin there are graduates of an astronomical circle of the Planetarium who are going to become professionals in space studying.

Museum “Space”

Музей КосмосOn March, 23rd, 2008 the exposition in a museum “Space” of the Kharkіv planetarium devoted to UFO-researches was opened.

Data on abnormal zones of a planet, messages of earth dwellers to other civilizations, the astronomical data about life possibility in other worlds, art gallery of figures of aliens are presented in the expositions.

photos and pictures about beauty of the Universe are presented also in a space museum, exhibits on astronautics are exposed.

In development of space branch inhabitants of Kharkov have enclosed all of their enthusiasm. Active work of scientists, designers, technicians of Kharkov is emphasized in a museum exposition. Planetarium of J.A.Gagarina supports close cooperation with Starry township, space museums of Ukraine and Russia, the scientific space centers, and also world planetaria.
Exactly the same device «Average Zejss» for displaying of the star sky is established in Starry township, and the Center of preparation of cosmonauts is named after J.A.Gagarin too.
On May, 12th, 2008 the Kharkov planetarium was visited by the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine Leonid K. Kadenjuk and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's great-grandson - Sergey N. Samburov.

Лекція в школі
Since 2006 year exit lectures in the educational, pedagogic and other organizations are conducted. Exit lectures include display of modern scientific video- and photographic materials by means of a digital multimedia video-projector and accompanied by comments of the lecturer.

To the planetarium 50th anniversary in April, 2007, the web site of the planetarium, which completely reflects work of all fields of activity of a planetarium, was created.
In a site’s photogallery there are the unique pictures reflecting various and interesting work of a planetarium, different photos of space objects and the phenomena with the description and an explanation.

The planetarium web site has occupied 2nd place in a nomination «Opening of year (the best astronomical site-beginner of 2007)» the project "Astrotop 100 of Russia - a national rating".
The belief also heats our hearts that the consciousness of importance of studying of Space will come to greater quantity of people.

After all its beauty can infinitely fill a soul with pleasure.

Greatness, Grandness of interstellar open spaces which is opened by modern researches to us, proves power of human reason.

The lecturer of a planetarium, Vladimir Kazhanov

Address and phone of the planetarium:
the Kharkіv planetarium, Kravtsov's lane, 15, Kharkov-3. 61003 Ukraine. (The Underground stop "Istorichesky Musey")

If you are not familiar with work of our planetarium, services which we give, necessarily familiarize with following sections:

Rent of premises for carrying out of meetings, conferences, festivals, concerts, creative evenings etc.
The priority form of work of employees of the Kharkov planetarium - carrying out of lectures in the Star hall. The poster

In planetarium the synthesized approach to popularization of knowledge is used.
The scientific, art, philosophical, mythological, musical perception of a universe unites in a single whole entity.

Lectures are accompanied by poetry, space music. The equipment of a star hall and experience of lecturers does popular scientific lectures not only informative, but also interesting, remembered!

The planetarium goes to you!

Also exit lectures in the educational, pedagogic and other organizations are conducted. Exit lectures include display of modern scientific video- and photographic materials by means of a digital multimedia video-projector. If in your organization there is no video and audio equipment - it doesn't matter! The planetarium will provide all necessary equipment for the period of carrying out of the program for pupils and employees of your organization or an educational institution.

Museum "Space"

In a museum "Space" the expositions devoted to astronomy, astronautics and ufology are presented. Excursions are spent to the days off at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, at week-days - by request. More in detail

Supervision to a telescope

Supervision to a telescope are held monthly for all comers, and also under individual orders and orders of groups.

Learn more in detail about our planetarium you can in section "Articles about the Kharkov planetarium and astronomy in Kharkov", and also having seen a photo gallery.
To order lecture, to receive particulars about programs and the prices please call:
(8-057) 705-00-19, 705-00-20.

Do not know, how it is unusual to hold a meeting with old friends or employees?
You search for interesting and informative rest for the children?
We invite in the Planetarium!